Dominoes: How Divorce Impacts Kids

Here at Holmes & Holmes, we are a team of Glendale family law attorneys who truly understand how difficult a divorce can be, not only for you, but for your entire family as well. When it comes to the children in the family, divorce can be a traumatic experience for them. When the entire family unit is no longer present in one home, children may feel lost or frightened. They may have concerns with where they will live or how often they will see one or both parents. In high tension divorce situations, children may also feel the need to choose sides or even protect one parent from the other. These intense emotions can force children to grow up too quickly and place undue responsibility upon themselves.

It is of vital importance that both parents try their best to keep tensions down at home in front of the children during a divorce. All issues should be dealt with away from where the children can see or hear. Both parents should try their best to promote a healthy relationship between the children and the other parent, regardless of any personal feelings one parent has against the other. Children should not feel as though they must choose sides. Parents must remain strong for their children.

Because tensions during a divorce can be high, family law lawyers can be a huge help. At Holmes & Holmes, we can assist you in every process of your divorce from filing and serving, mediation, planning estate and other property division, custody and support, and many other necessary procedures. Hiring a family law attorney can help ease unnecessary stress and confusion regarding legal procedures. A divorce is stressful enough without having to concern yourself with legal paperwork and processes. We can take care of the legalities for you so you can focus on keeping your family happy and healthy and moving onto the next stage of your lives.